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Gamification of the classroom

Educating the “I-generation”

As today’s technology advances at an ever increasing rate, students are exposed to a myriad of hi tech devices on a daily basis. As teachers are finding out, the distractions of mobile phones, computer games and Ipad’s are proving challenging to match. How can today’s educators compete with the attraction and interest of the latest technology and computer games?

While basic teaching methodology has changed little over the previous years, the equipment has improved drastically. From projectors in the 90’s to the Smartboards that are becoming increasing more common in schools around the world. Lessons are becoming more interactive and teachers are engaging students more and more.

However, the question remains, how do you make learning fun? How do you get the students to share the passion for a subject that all great teachers have? One answer to this question that is getting results is “Gamification”. Also known as Digitally Assisted Learning (D.A.L), Gamification bringing more and more positive results in the classroom.

At a very basic level, Gamification is the application of computer game mechanics to the classroom. The process of students earning / achieving points during the lesson that then build up to rewards and activities later on in the term.

It is a methodology that Bozhou International School (B.I.S) has embraced wholeheartedly. We believe we are the first school in China to adopt this system and we look forward to leading the way for other Chinese schools. Students ‘level up’ ‘score points’ and ‘unlock rewards’ all very similar mechanics to the computer games that we know all students (and some teachers) love.

While more and more companies adopt Gamification to encourage consumers to spend more and demonstrate ever increasing brand loyalty, B.I.S is pioneering the way in using this process to encourage learning both inside and outside the classroom in China.

We welcome cooperation with any schools or education institutions who are interested in finding out more on how we are implementing our D.A.L system. Please contact Ms. Anna Zech at for more information.


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